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Backpacking Bell Mountain Wilderness

Bell Mountain Wilderness provides a challenging (or beginner) Midwestern backpacking experience and beautiful views in an ancient mountain range. It’s well worth the six-hour drive from Chicago (don’t tell the fuzz that I made it in less than 5.5), five from Indianapolis, and an even shorter drive from Kansas City. The lucky residents of St. Louis have a big beautiful backyard in the Mark Twain National Forest. Camping at Bell Mountain Wilderness is free and undesignated. Parking is free, but designated.

Eastern view from the top of Bell Mountain, Bell Mountain Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri

Local destinations always seem most reasonable for a one night trip. It feels ridiculous to spend more time driving to and from my hiking destination than I actually spend hiking when I arrive. But staring down the barrel of another long Chicago winter made me desperate for something exotic, and I made the trip down to Ozark Country for what might be my last fair weather trip of the season. Continue reading Backpacking Bell Mountain Wilderness