What I’m doing now:

I’m living in the western suburbs of Chicago and working for the man as a commercial credit analyst. I’m keeping busy, spending my free time on the following things, roughly in order of time spent:

  • Being a husband and father
  • Trying to master 5.10’s at the local climbing gym, and creeping into the 5.11’s
  • Strength Training / Weight Lifting
  • Reading and listening to podcasts about nutrition and physiology
  • Reading and listening to podcasts about economics, politics, and history
  • Reading about investing and personal finance
  • Trying to finish the collected works of Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, and the Wrinkle in Time series (with my son)
  • Becoming better at identifying trees and edible plants, and doing some light foraging
  • Researching backpacking destinations, gear, and safety
  • Pestering everyone I know to get geared up and come backpacking with me
  • Hiking & camping or some combination of the two
  • Getting caught in a Google Maps/Wikipedia vortex
  • Recovering from a backcountry trip to the Maroon Bells this summer
  • Daydreaming about a trip to Isle Royale next autumn


Podcasts I’m Following


Blogs I follow


I’m also scheduling trips in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa, and entertaining a few wish list destinations in upper and lower Michigan. Let me know if there’s any place that I should explore and write about, or if you want to tag along on one of my adventures.

Email me about anything, and if interested you can check out this page periodically as I’ll update it from time to time as my interests & activities change.